Global Seminary has divided the world into zones. Each zone is represented by a zone leader who is working to strategically raise up national leadership for expanding the GS Satellite Network. By the hundreds, Bible Colleges are been started, leaders are being trained, and Churches are being planted all over the World. 

INDIGENOUS MISSION: Global Seminary is thoroughly committed to indigenous missionary endeavours. GS places a high level of respect on the local culture and customs of our partners around the world, allowing them to translate, contextualize, and adapt the curriculum to suit their own needs in their immediate ministry environment. The two major themes turning heads in the missions community are the integration of Church planting and leadership training. A problem exist, however, in a lack of integration of these two major streams of mission. Church planting ministries are desperate for trained workers and Leadership Training Ministries are looking for places for their graduates to minister. Trough a Strategic Partnership between GS and Churches, programs are established worldwide. 

GS Networks focus on local church based education and positions itself to help bring integration between leadership training and Church planting. The vision for Church planting comes from hundreds of strong local Churches  GS partners with, and who have a compatible vision to plant Churches. Through GS, Church planters can be trained in their local setting. By working together we can see Churches planted around the world.


GS  has divided the world into 13 world zones, each with a highly qualified world zone leaders assigned to its respective geographical region. The world zones Leaders are faculty members and coordinate the Resource Centers, Curriculum Translation Projects, and National Teaching Staff within their zone.



Africa/Middle East

Steve Mills, D.Min

North America

Stan DeKoven, Ph.D and Tal Klaus, Ph.D

Central Asia

Kim Sam Seong, Th.D

China and Southeast Asia

Dr. Paul Ai

Eastern Europe/Russia

Ronald Bernier, D. Min

Western Europe

Gail Stathis, D.Min

India Subcontinent Zone

Dr. Yvette D'Souza

Latin America Zone: Malaysia, Singapore and South India

Dr. John Ezekiel

Mediterranean Zone

Dr. Brian Van Deventer

Caribbean and Florida

Dr. Darryl Webb


Pastor Lucas Santana


Denis Plant, D.Min