(An Arm of Global Seminary University GSU)

CRD is geared towards grooming christian folks to be best used as veritable instruments towards the overall growth of the church and para-church organizations. It is an arm of Global Seminary University (GSU) and dully Accredited by GEPEA University, Portugal, GEPEA Europe and others. The programmes are meant for both clerics and laities via Distance Learning, Online: whatsapp, Emails, Phone Discourse, Zoom Meeting e.t.c and Face-to-Face learning applies.

GSU & CRD provides Certifications in the following areas of focus:

· Christian Counseling Professional
· Pastoral Counselor
· Clinical Christian Counselor
· Certified Doctoral Christian Counseling Diplomat
· Certified Christian Life Coach
· Certified Youth Counselor
· Certified Digital Christian Counselor
· Certified Marriage Counselor
· Certified Christian Counselor
· Certified Chaplain
· Certified Christian Educator
· Chartered Christian Manager
· Certified Peace Builder
· Certified Peace Advocate
· Certified Inter-Faith Counselor
· Certified Counseling Psychologist
· GSU has Satellite Resource Centres in over 160 Countries Around the Globe. Networking applies Across the Board.

At the completion of the above programmes, Global Seminary University (GSU & CRD) award Certification Certificates with one of the following Degrees as supplement:
· B.A Degree in Digital Discipleship
· Bachelor of Divinity Degree (B.D) in Church Planting
· Bachelor of Arts Degree in Peace & Conflict Resolution Studies
· B.A Degree in Christian Counseling Psychology
· M.A Degrees in the Aforementioned areas of focus applies.
· M.A Degree in Pastoral Diplomacy for all suitable candidates as supplement after completing the modules as appropriate within a span of seven months.


· Prof. Provide Sonime, Ph.D. Theology, (Consultant)
· His Excellency, Alh. Ambassador Usman .E. Bello (Consultant)
· Prof. M. B. Julayi, Educator & Theologian (Consultant)
· Professor Abraham Daniel Bamidele, Ph.D, DIA, DD, Archbishop & V.C, GSU (Senior Consultant)
· Hon Justice Dr A. A. Ajileye, Ph.D (Senior Consultant)
· Prof. Henry Muljabah, Educator (Consultant)
· Professor Roymarsh Agbo, Ph.D in Management Studies (Consultant)
· Prof. (Mrs) Esther Audu, Ph.D, Peace & Conflict Resolution Studies (Consultant)
· Prof. (Mrs) Loto Olukemi, Ph.D, Peace & Conflict Resolution Studies (Consultant)
· Prof. R. I. Izuagbe, Ph.D, Finance Management (Consultant)
· Prof. M. Omoasegun, Ph.D, (Senior Consultant)
· Professor (Evang) Ebenezer .O. Adejo, President, ATEN (Senior Consultant)
· Prof. Dada I.O. Ph.D, O.T. Scholar, Ph.D (Senior Consultant)
· Prof. Bishop Moses Simon, Ph.D. Educator (Consultant)
· Professor Kenneth .K. Chijioke (Consultant)
· Prof (Ven) David Ebelunor, Ph.D, Theology (Consultant)
· Prof. Callistus Chuks Ndaha, Ph.D, Leadership. (Consultant)
· Professor Olu Festus, Ph.D in Christian Leadership (Consultant)
· Prof. Olumuyiwa .A. Adeaga, P.hD, Education (Consultant)
· Hajia Dr (Mrs) Habibat .A. Ozigis, Ph.D, Public Administration (Consultant)
· Prof. (Col) Tenebe .E., Ph.D in Management Studies (Consultant)
· Prof. Sam .B. Ph.D, A Counselor & Activist (Consultant)
· Associate Prof. Victor Anate (Consultant)
· Dr. Joshua .B. Yakubu, DIA, Ph.D in Leadership (Christian Option)
· Mrs. H. O. K. Lawal, M.Sc (Consultant)
· Mr. Ameuru Balogun, MPA (Consultant)
· Dr Hannah .O. Abraham (Consultant)
· Dr David Bello (Consultant)
· Dr. Justina Achema, Apostle & Counselor
· Chief Dr Samuel Owuda, DIA (Consultant)
· Associate Prof. Peter Ajala, Ph.D in Christian Leadership
· Dr Adedewe Samson, Apostle & A Counselor.
· Dr. Francis Ojo, Ph.D, O.T Scholar
· Ven. Peter Ufuomanafe, N.T. Ph.D In View
· Alh. Ibrahim Isah Amoka, M.Sc
· Prophet Isaac Ajinomoh, M.A (In View)
· Mr. Otoyibo Isaac, M.A (In View)
· Dr. Joseph Yakubu, Ph.D
· Dr .E. Onujagbe, DIA
· Barr Patience Tochukwu (Consultant)

· Dr. Victor Akubo King, Ph.D (Consultant)
· Elder Moses Onivehu, MPA, (Consultant)
· Mrs. T. Tom Adaba, M.A
· Dr. O. A. Felix, DIA
· Mr. Johnson Odei, M.Sc
· Bishop Daniel Idachaba, DD
· Elder Jacob Atureta (Consultant)
· Dr. Apostle Adedewe Samson, DD
· Prof. Taiye Aluko, N.T Scholar (Senior Consultant)
· Dr Ven Benjamin Balogun, DD
· Dr. M. O. Bankole, Ph.D, Christian Leadership (Consultant)
· Dr. Joe Wealth, DD
· Mr. Samuel .B. Idakochu
· Dr. Rev. Ebenezer Kayode, Ph.D Theologian, (Consultant)
· Mr. Emmanuel Lawal
· Bishop Dr. Sam .O., DD
· Sr. Apostle Dr. Stancy Harden – Williams, DD, Educator (Consultant)
· Prof. Peter Awojobi (Senior Consultant)
· Dr. Segun Olawonyi, Ph.D, Philosophy of Religion (Senior Consultant)
· Pastor Dr Henry George
· Dr David .O. Elijah, DD
· Dr. Moses Ocheme, DD
· Dr Amos Olorunfemi, DD
· Daudu, Mohammed Abdulsalam, B.A
· Hon Salawu Idawu, BEd
· Pastor Joseph Suleiman Manjoe, MCA (Consultant)
· Dr Gabriel Itodo, Chartered Christian Manager (Consultant)
· Dr. Paul .B. M, DIA. (Consultant)
· H.H. Chief Isaac .A. Jegede, B.A, Educator
· Bishop Dr. Ajibade .O. Adebayo, Ph.D, Leadership (Consultant)
· Bishop Abraham Aduojo, DD
· Dr. Ven Major Akinsanmi Freeman, Ph.D (Consultant)
· Dr. Rev. (Mrs) Esther Faith Bamidele (Consultant)
· Dr. Captain A. D. Owa, DIA (Consultant)
· Dr. Nnaa Charles, Ph.D in Theology & Leadership (Consultant)
· Dr Sunday .A. John, DD
· Dr Caleb Ogunkunle, Ph.D, O.T Scholar (Senior Consultant)
· Dr. Francis Balewa, Ph.D in Counseling Psychology (Consultant)
· Dr (Mrs) Hafsat Usman, DIA (Consultant)
· Dr Alfred Ivori, DD
· Dr. George Essien Oku, Educator
· Dr. Ken Babatunde Oluwole, Ph.D in Christian Leadership (Consultant)
· Dr. Kenneth Adebayo, DIA
· Bishop Dr. Moses Dare, DIA, DDA (Consultant)
· Dr. Isaac Achimugu – Ph.D, Peace Studies (Consultant)
· Dr Godwin Oyibo, Ph.D Christian Ethics (Consultant)
· Dr. Bishop Sam Ilemudia, DD
· Barr Y.S. Adeiza (Consultant)
· Hon. Dr. Justice A. A. Ajileye, Ph.D, Legal Studies (Senior Consultant)
· Dr Yedoo Morris, Educator (Consultant)

· H.E, The Most Revd Dr Peter Nosa Omoregie, DD (Consultant)
· Dr. Steve Mills, Missioner & Educator (Consultant)
· Prof. Barr Bamidele Suru, Educator (Consultant)
· Prof. Archbishop Ade Harold, (Senior Consultant)
· Prince Emma Omadivi, MCA (Consultant)
· Engr. S. O. Abdulsalami (Consultant)
· Mr. Peter .I. Audu, MBA (Consultant)
· Bishop Yakubu Kekere
· Prof. M. A. Abiodun, Scholar, Ph.D, Linguistics (Senior Consultant)
· Prof. Emmanuel Ohize, Educator & Engineer (Senior Consultant)
· Associate Prof Elemi Agbor Elemi, Ph.D (Consultant)
· Mr. Joseph Jatto
· Dr Stanley Agboni, DIA (Consultant)
· Pastor Joel Ipemida
· Bishop Prof Joe Ayikoye (Senior Consultant)
· Associate Prof Kayode Agbanni (Consultant)
· Mr. S. A. Salami
· Dr Lynn N. Ihueze
· Bishop Kinsley .E. Martins
· Mr. Taiye Isaac
· Bishop Samson Ebenezer Ikechukwu
· Prof. Adams .U. Onuka, Educator (Senior Consultant)
· Hon Salawu Idawu
· Bishop Chukwuma .S.
· Hon Ezekiel Dangana
· Mr. Gabriel Otonoku
· Mr. Samuel Jatto
· Pastor Moses Omeiza, M.Ed.
· Ven Elisha Dike
· Dr I. A. Yakubu (Consultant)
· Mr. Olu Isaac
· Mr. Wada Isah
· Mr. Abdulmumuni Sule Amuju
· Mr. Duke .A. Kekere
· Dr. Abraham John
· Dr. Favor .E. Amara
· Dr Barr .S. Idachaba (Consultant)
· Mrs. Lizzy Ola Fagbuyi, B.Ed
· Mr. Isaiah Michael, M.Sc
· Comrade Stephen Ozi Salawu, M.Sc
· Dr. Josiah Akande, Ph.D (Consultant)
· Dr Pastor Joseph Shaibu
· Dr John Adeyemi
· Engr. Dr Mike .O. Omananyi (Consultant)
· Dr. Evang Temitayo Alade (Consultant)
· Dr. Bokode .E.
· Dr. John Akinbode
· Dr. Abiodun Agbonyin
· Prof E. D. Adelowo, (Senior Consultant, Comparative Religion)
· Dr Col. A.E. Adehi (Consultant)
· Dr. Daniel Onuh
· Dr Ade-Olu Adegbola, Theologian (Consultant)
· Dr Yusuf .O. Ahmed (Consultant)
· Dr Fred .A. Educator & Missioner
· Dr Pastor Marueen Frank, (Consultant)
· Dr Solomon Mopaiyeda, Ph.D, Church History (Consultant)

· Dr Sam Keddy Balongun, Chaplain General (Consultant)
· Dr Odei Moses, Ph.D, Church History (Consultant)
· Dr Emmanuel Ovayioza, Chaplain, Ph.D (Consultant)
· Bishop Michael Afolabi
· Ven Dr Bello .T. Ph.D, Church History (Consultant)
· Dr Emmanuel Bologi, Ph.D, Theology (Consultant)
· Dr (Mrs) Mary Durojaiye, Ph.D, Mathematics (Consultant)
· Dr Alh. Sidi-Ali-Bello, DIA (Consultant)
· Dr Ibimode Oluwafemi, Ph.D (Consultant)
· Mrs. Ipinmoyan .M.
· Dr Monday Echeomuha, DD
· Dr Barr Onu Eneojo Simeon, DIA (Consultant)
· Dr Isaac Julius, Ph.D, Church History (Consultant)
· Bishop Dr Okonkwo Solomon, DD
· Chief Dr Michael Owuda, DIA (Consultant)
· Mrs. Victoria Jegboro, M.Sc, Ph.D In View (Consultant)
· H.E, The Most Revd Dr. I. Chidi, DD (Consultant)
· Bishop Joel Ejiwon, DD
· Engr. Dr Alfred Saaki Ogah, DIA (Consultant)
· Prof Bishop Andreaus Olufestus (Consultant)
· Prof (Mrs) Okori .S., Ph.D, (Senior Consultant)
· Dr Yoatta Jackson
· Rend Dr David Gomina (Consultant)
· Pastor Dr Johnson Obas (Consultant)
· Engr Dr. Billy Etuk (Consultant)
· Bishop Dr Lawal Peter
· Revd Dr Osondu Ahirika
· Pastor Dr Osita Chris
· Prof Samuel Braimieghen (Consultant)
· Pastor Dr Luke Iyadumi
· Revd Dr Eje E. Nassarawa
· Dr Dogala Kingsley
· Dr. Candu Essien
· Pastor Michael Enebe, M.Ed
· Hon John Ochu
· Dr. Pastor Ndukwe .S. (Consultant)
· Mr. Idris Anako
· Dr Adigwe Patrick
· Pastor Dr Chichi Samuel
· Dr Suleiman Bello-Sidi-Ali
· Dr George E. Oku
· Prof M. F. Akangbe, N.T Scholar (Senior Consultant)
· Apostle Dr S. O. Covenant (Consultant)
· Hon Adeiza Sanni
· Pastor Dr Stephen Osim
· Revd Alfred Salami
· Pastor Dr Yinka Osanaye
· Pastor Dr David Elijah
· Apostle Dr Gabriel Matthew
· Revd Dr Delight Agbiji
· Amb. Dr Wisdom .A. (Consultant)
· Dr Abel Levi
· Dr John Tamonguh
· Dr Frank .E. Harry
· Revd Dr Tepikor .N.
· Revd Ernest Okafor
· Dr Amb. Hephzibah .E.
· Amb. Dr John Okoro (Consultant)
· Mrs. Rukayat Aliu


· Mr. Jacob Alabi
· Mrs. Juliana Ajoge, MPA (Consultant)
· Mr. Anderson .B.
· Apostle David Audu
· Mr. James Kumode
· Evang Dr Chinyere Onyero
· Chief Michael Ohinoyi
· Revd Peter Daniel
· Revd Emmanuel Yusuf
· Dr Engr Abah Abutu (Consultant)
· Dr Halima Suleiman, Ph.D (Consultant)
· Dr. Job Avazi, Ph.D (Consultant)
· Bishop Dr Kingsley Nwoko (Consultant)
· Apostle Dr O. A. Samuel (Consultant)
· Dr. Caleb .S., Ph.D, (Consultant)
· Pastor Dr Daniel N. Musa
· Archbishop Dr. Wright .E. (Consultant)
· Bishop Dr .E. Okosun
· H.H, Chief Victor Bello
· Pastor Dr. Charles .O.
· Revd Samuel Sule
· Ven .E. O. Ajayi
· Ven. James Ohida
· Ven. S. O. Omolowo
· Ven. Z. O. Asun, M.Div
· Ven. J. Adeyemoh
· Ven. C. M. Ozovehe
· Prophet Faith Enedowu
· Mr. Samuel Sule
· Chief James Ogedemgbe
· Mr. John Monday Salami, B.Ed
· Pastor Moses Salami, B.Ed
· Chief Samuel Bello, M.Ed
· Rev. Dan Suleiman
· Rev Stephen Ariba, M.Th

· Dr. D. Shaibu
· Chief Ola Fagbuyi, B.Sc
· Mr. Femi Onujagbe, B.Sc
· Pastor John Arigidi, M.A
· Mrs. Christianah Michael, B.Ed
· Dr. Stephen Arigidi
· Mr. Fidelix .O. Adive, B.Ed
· Mrs. Blessing Adive, B.Ed
· Mr. Benard More, HND
· Mr. Monday John Salami, B.Ed
· Dr (Mrs) Elizabeth .I.
· Dr Noah .O. Kekere, Ph.D (Consultant)
· Pastor Austin Balogun
· Mrs. Victoria Balogun
· Pastor Engr. Philip Omeiza (Consultant)
· Mrs. Taiye Philip Omeiza
· Pastor Nath Baiye
· Dr. Z.Y. Sanni, Ph.D (Consultant)
· Pastor James Salami, B.Ed
· Mr. John .I.
· Barr Nuhu Abdulsalam (Consultant)
· Apostle Joel .I. Salami
· Mr. Andrew Idah
· Dr. Aishat Salawu, DIA
· Pastor Augustine Idah, M.Ed
· Mrs Sarah Idachaba, B.A
· Pastor Phillip Garuba, MA
· Pastor Kizito Suberu, M.Ed
· Dr Pastor Okeleye Peter Babatunde
· Mrs. V. Benard Ehusani, B.Sc
· Evang Abel Momoh Balogun
· Mr. John Ajayi, B.A
· Mrs. Rose A.I., B.Sc
· Engr. Samuel Oricha
· Chief Dickson .M.

  •  Course Duration For Students: 7 Months
  • Total Fees: $2000
  • Scholarship: $1,800
  • Total Fee Payable By All Students: $200
  • Nigeria Naira: N140,000
  • Payments can be made in Three Instalments for the $200 especially for African Students.
  • Postage cost to be arranged by the Dean of Students Affairs based on national economy.
  • Application Form Fee: $15 – Nigeria N5,000
  • Bank Details: Africa Theological Education Network
    Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank, Plc Nigeria, West Africa

Account Number: 0110510625
Phone: +2348036178129
: 2348036005338

PROGRAMME COORDINATORS: Prof. (Mrs) Esther Audu 08036178129 Dr Joseph J. O. Yakubu 08065796036