The most important asset of any school is its faculty. These are the persons who most influence the students through practical example as well as through instruction. It is the faculty who best model the purpose and philosophy of Global Seminary, Seminary University.

Prof Amuda2

His Excellency Brid-General Ambassador Prof. Yusuf Abubakar Amuda (rtd), MJP, DTI, DIA,

GS Chairman, Inter-Faith Affairs

Prof (Ven.) Noah Raimi Yakubu, (Chartered), CBA, MJP, JP, MNIM

President & Chancellor, GS, ATEN & PPI

GLOBAL SEMINARYprinted.jpg32
Bishop Col. Dr. Paul-Edith Vincent, MJP Registrar-General Foreign Affairs, GS & ATEN Chaplain- US Army

GS Vice-Chancellor

GLOBAL SEMINARYprinted.jpgvice

Bishop Prof. Abraham Bamidele, MJP, AP

Vice-Chancellor, GS

GLOBAL SEMINARYprinted.jpg21

Bishop Dr. Lackson Banda

Vice-Chancellor (Acad.), GS

GLOBAL SEMINARYprinted.jpg22

Bishop Prof. Gideon B. Quaye

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Adm.), GS


Prof. Alister McGrath

Oxford University, UK. GS Consultant & Fellow


Stan Dekoven, Ph.D

GS Consultant & Fellow

GLOBAL SEMINARYprinted.jpgvice

Bishop Prof. Abraham Bamidele, MJP, AP

Vice-Chancellor GS


Pastor Enoch Adeboye

GS Consultant & Fellow


Bro. Gbile Akanni

GS Consultant & Fellow

GLOBAL SEMINARYprinted.jpg22

Bishop Prof. Gideon B. Quaye

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Adm.), GS

Academic Integrity and Spiritual Fervor
Balance is a key word in describing the persons who make up the faculty of GS. First, there is a balance between age and youth, between enthusiasm and experience. There is also a balance in academic ability and spiritual fervor, between the quality of scholarship and a warm heart, intellectual competence and in practical wisdom. GS has brought together a fine group of faculty and personnel who strive for excellence in their respective areas of instruction and are well able to take on the awesome responsibility of educating and training men and women for God’s service. Most members appointed to the faculty of GS have a terminal degree in their fields of instruction along with years of practical and professional experience related to their teaching field. All faculty members are also expected to be of high moral character and personal integrity, and firmly committed to GS Mission Statement. Global Seminary, Seminary University are diverse in theological and philosophical persuasion and support debate, discussion, and the promotion of academic freedom. Core Content Specialist Faculty (Curriculum Developers and Online Mentor):
Core Content Specialist Faculty are either full or part-time faculty members of the GS who focus on cooperative curriculum development for distance education. These faculty members mentor specific online, distance learning, residential learning and correspondence courses.
The under-mentioned experts are under consideration and approval by the Vision International University, USA to be part of GS faculty.

Biblical Studies and Theology
· Samuel M. Frost, Th.M., Whitefield Theological Seminary.
· Scott Rische, D.Min., Bakke Graduate University, M.Div., Concordia Theological Seminary.
· Johanes Horn, LL.M. in Constitutional and Criminal Law and Procedure, M.A., Biblical Studies, University of Port Elizabeth, Ph.D., University of Western Cape, D.lur. (cand), Law (Germany), Ph.D., Free University of Amsterdam.
· F. Earle Fox, D.Phil., University of Oxford.
· Jonathan Barber, Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary.
· Dr. Albert Franke, M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary.
· Mathias Forseon, D.Min., M.Div., Absury Theological Seminary.
· Ernie Campe, D.R.S., Trinity Theological Seminary.
· Tal E. Klaus, Ph.D., Logos Graduate School.
· Delores Klaus, Ph.D., Logos Graduate School.

· Stan E. Dekoven, Ph.D., Professional School of Psychological Studies, M.A., Counseling Psychology, Webster Univ., M.A., Psychology, Scan Diego State Univ., Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified School Psychologist.
· Richard Walters, Ph.D., University of Georgia, Counseling Psychology, M.A., Western Carolina University.
· Richard Jenks, Psy. D., Southern California University of Professional Studies.
· Delores Horsman, Vision International University, M.A., Certified Christian Therapist.
· Sara M. Reinchard, M.Litt., Oxford Graduate School, Family Life Education, St. Francis School of Nursing, Registered Nurse.

· Malcolm Webber, Ph.D., Regent University, Organizational Leadership.
· Brian van Deventer, D.Min., Imperial University College of London, Management.
· Curtis Oliver, M.B.A., Morgan State University.
· Joshua D. Reichard, D. Phil., Oxford Graduate School, Social Research, Ph.D. (cand), University of the Western Cape, Region, M.A., Vision International University, Christian Education, M.Litt., Organizational Leadership, Oxford Graduate School.
· Joshua D. Reichard, D.Phil., Oxford Graduate School, Social Research, Ph.D., University of the Western Cape, Religion & Theology, Ed.S., Liberty University, Educational Leadership, M.Litt., Organizational Leadership, Oxford Graduate School; Certified Clinical Sociologist.
· Paul Shotsberger, Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Curriculum and Instruction, M.S., Mathematics Education.
· Brenda Thomas, M.A., Curriculum and Instruction, Touro University.
· Sharon Cargo, D.V.M., Ohio State University, M.S., ICR Graduate School, Science Education.
· Steve W. Deckard, Ed.D., University of Sarasota, M.A., Biology, University of Indiana.

Field Teaching Alumni (Church-Based Seminars and Resource Centers):
Many of the teaching alumni listed below engage in teaching activities internationally for church-based seminars and/or Resource Center cohorts; others are partners of the Vision International University. Some of the field teaching alumni are full-time administrators while others maintain a strong commitment to the Education Network and its mission. They are still under consideration by VIU Academic and Top management Board:
· Kluane Spake, Ph.D., Vision International University.
· Paul Ai, D.Min., Vision International University (South East Asia).
· Manon Gurley, Ph.D., Vision International University (Franco Phone).
· Darryl Webb, Ph.D., Lighthouse Theology Seminary.
· Harold Eberle, D.Min., Vision International University.
· John Ezekiel, D.Min., Vision International University (Malaysia).
· John Delgado, D.Min., Vision International University.
· Steven M. Mills, D.Min., Vision International University.
· Kas Brozozog, D.Min., Vision International University.
· Ron Bernier, D.Min., Vision International University.
· Denis I. Plant, D.Min., Vision International University.
· Eugene Smith, D.Min., Vision International University (Belfast, NI).
· David Wyns, D.Min., Vision International University (Barnabas Ministries).
· Eunice S. Kim, Ph.D.*, Christian Education, Vision International University, M.Div., Chongshin Theological Seminary (Korea), B.Th., Kyung Buk Theological Seminary (Korea).
· Sam Seong Kim, Th.D., Vision International University.

GS Robust Staff and Resource Persons are renowned scholars who have made substantial contributions in Universities, Seminaries, experienced and qualified stakeholders in Public and Private Sectors that have criss-cross human disciplines with regard to religion, ethics and all-round human developmental strides within the purview of analogue and digital age climates. They include:
§ Professor Archbishop Benjamin Aniereobi, Ph.D, Founder, Prime Polytechnic, Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria.
§ Professor John .O. Alabi, Ph.D, FNIM, FCEntr, CNA, Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences, Prince Abubakar Audu University, Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria.
§ Prof. Roslyne Igio Izuagbe, MJP, DTI, DIA, Ph.D, Leadership ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Bishop Prof. Abraham Bamidele, Ph.D, DIA, DD, MJP, Theology ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Prof. Idris Adeojo Egena, Ph.D, Nigeria.
§ Ass-Prof. Julius Sunday Ajogi, MJP, AP, Ph.D, DIA, Nigeria.
§ Ass-Prof Roymarsh .A. Agbo, Ph.D, DIA, Prince Abubakar University, Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria, ATEN.
§ Chaplain Dr. Sam Keddy Balogun, Ph.D, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Godwin Oyibo, Ph.D, MJP, LSI, Christian Ethics, Uni-Ilorin, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Akubo Victor King, Ph.D, DIA, Salem University, ATEN Nigeria.
§ Dr. Hamilton Ozi Raji, DIA, Ph.D In-View
§ Dr. Nnaa Charles, M.Sc, Ph.D, Uni-Jos & ATEN.
§ Dr. Itodo Gabriel, Ph.D, M.Sc, Un-Ad, Ado & ATEN.
§ Prof. Benjamin Ayodele Esemikose, Ph.D, D.Min, UMTC, Ilorin & ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Alhaji Dr. Sidi Ali-Bello, DIA, ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Barr. Patience Tochukwu, MJP, Uni-Abuja
§ Barr. Dr. Victor Anate, Ph.D, MJP, NOUN & ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Ajala Peter Abayomi, Ph.D, MJP, ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Rev. Fr. Major Titus Ogbu, M.A, M.B.A, Gregoria Uni, Rome, ATEN.
§ Dr. Peter Igbineweka, MJP, Ph.D, DIA, Uni-Ben, Nigeria.
§ Chief Dr. Umechukwu Joseph, MJP, DIA, ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Engr. Babatunde John Oluwole, Ph.D, ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Major Venerable Akinsanmi Sunday Freeman, Ph.D, Vinning, Akure, ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Offor Dianarose I. Adaji, Ph.D, Education, Ambrose Ali University, Nigeria & ATEN.
§ Rt. Rev. Aggrey Smart Claudius, Ph.D, Trinity, Umuahi, ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Rt. Rev. Dr. Chidi I. Chuekelu, DD, BCCT, + ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Francis Balewa, Ph.D, Music.
§ Rt. Rev. Dr. Daniel Opene, DIA, Umuahi & ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Christopher .O. Omotosho, Ph.D, Music, Unilorin, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Ajibade Olukayode Adedayo, MJP, JP, Ph.D, Federal University & ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Ezekiel Oyekanmi, Ph.D, Theology, Benin, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Samson Bola Afolabi, Ph.D, India & ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Simeon O. Onakpa, Ph.D, ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Benjamin .O. Onakpa, Ph.D, Benin Republic, ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Moses Nwokie, DD, Ph.D In-View, UMTC & ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Kenneth Adebayo, DIA, Ph.D, Surveyor, Nigeria, ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Joshua Yakubu, DIA, B.Sc, Asaba & ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Maijama Danlami, DIA, Ph.D In-View, ATEN, VIU, Nigeria.
§ Dr. Paul .B. Mishelbwala, DIA, Uni-Jos & ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Rev. Dr. Captain A. D. Owa, M.A, DIA, Uni-Jos & ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Professor Ken .K. Chijioke, Ph.D, D.Min, UMTC, Ilorin & ATEN, Nigeria.
§ Professor Noah .R. Yakubu, Ph.D in Theology, Vision University, USA, M.A, Rel. Stud., MBA, Un-Ad, D.Sc, LL.D, Ed.D, India, B.A Rel. Stud. Uni-Ibadan, Nigeria.

School of Theology, School of Psychology and the School of Intercultural Studies
Academic Programs
GS is organized into three schools: the School of Theology, School of Psychology, and the School of Intercultural Studies. As a graduate-level institution of higher education, master’s and doctoral degrees are offered by the three schools, as well as certificate programs.
Master’s Degrees
· Master of Divinity
· Master of Arts in Theology
· Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry.
Certificate Programs
· Certificate of Christian Studies
· Certificate in Recovery Ministry
· Certificate in Theology and the Arts
· Certificate in Youth Ministry
Advanced Degrees
· Master of Theology
· Doctor of Ministry
· Doctor of Philosophy in Theology
Master’s Degrees
· Master of Science in Marital and Family Therapy.
Advanced Degrees
· Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology
· Doctor of Psychology
· Doctor of Philosophy in Psychological Science
Master’s Degrees
· Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies
· Master of Arts in Global Leadership
Certificate Programs
· Certificate of Christian Studies
· Certificate in Church Planting
Advanced Degrees
· Master of Theology (M.Th) in Anglicanism
· Master of Theology in Intercultural Studies
· Master of Theology in Liturgy (Anglican Studies)
· Master of Theology in Missiology
· Master of Theology on Church History
· Doctor of Ministry in Global Ministries
· Doctor of Missiology
· Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies
Other Non-degree Options
In addition to admission to regular degree or certificate programs, applicants may also be admitted under one of the following classifications:


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